Don't Forget to Plant It!

Moving Off

So after three months of, I’ve decided to move back to my own hosted WordPress blog.  One reason for the move was so that I can beta test our Skribit widget, which can now be easily styled to blend perfectly to your site.  Please give it a shot, and shoot us any feedback.  Right now, this is a one off install, but I’m starting to put things together so that we can roll this new widget out to more testers.

Also, I felt that by moving to my blog got sort of bleh.  I had to use from one of the provided themes, and was limited in the plugins and widgets I was able to use.  It’s not like it was anything special before, but at least it wasn’t special by my choosing.  So, I’m on my own again, using the WP Subversion installation that Paul recommended.  I also bought this wicket cool theme that is very well done and supported.  Now, I need to get some cool plugins - any recommendations?