Don't Forget to Plant It!

Skribit March’in On…

(pun intended.)

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So a couple of weeks ago, we knocked out our third release of Skribit into production. The Skribit team has done a great job of covering what is in the latest release, so I don’t it isn’t necessary to cover what we’ve added here.

So what is the real value of Skribit? Before Skribit, things look a lot like this:

Bloggers posted and readers read the posts and commented on the post. Occasionally, comments will lead into more posts, but still, bloggers for the most part led the conversation. Sometimes you’ll get emails, instant messages or direct conversations asking you to write about something, but they only come from people who can reach you directly. Also, you have no idea if the rest of your readers are interested in that same subject.

With Skribit, things now look more like this:

By using Skribit and taking in suggestions, bloggers can now have their readers lead conversations, as well as gain better understand who their reader are.

Another thing important about this release is that it’s a declaration Skribit hasn’t croaked (oops) and we’re still hoppin’ (yep, sorry!) along. And beyond the initial idea of Skribit we’ve developed the plan will make Skribit a real awesome product.

So please, go sign up on Skribit and join in the conversation. And let us know what you think!