Don't Forget to Plant It!

Tails Update v0.3.5

I’ve been holding on this release of my Tails Extension for a while now and finally got my butt in gear to get this out. Here is what’s new:

  • Added geo microformat support. Not very pretty, as it just shows the coordinates, but if you update this Tails script you’ll be able to map these geo coordinates to Google.
  • Added support for more hCard attributes. Honorific suffix/prefix, organization name/unit - it should be all there now.
  • Fixed bug where your IM URL will show as your primary over a normal URL in an hCard. This can easily occur if you used hCard creator to create your hCard.
  • Updated icon to a cleaner one, and updated the extension to show a custom extension logo instead of the generic Firefox one. Thanks to Dmitry Baranovskiy for providing the graphics.
  • Updated hCalendar to display more dates properly. Date only or time only values should now display correctly.
  • Made some small fixes in hopes to correct some problems reported by users.

As before, this release will be available initially as a manual update, I’ll be updating the auto-update mechanism a few days later if all goes well.