Don't Forget to Plant It!

Tails Release 0.3.2

What’s in this release:

  • Fixed a bug which caused multiple tabs to be closed when the Tab Mix Plus extension is installed (thanks to onemen at the TMP forums for helping me figure this out).
  • Added support for the include microformat pattern, which is apparently being used at Yahoo! Tech.
  • Added better ratings handling for hReviews.
  • Added # of objects to the tab title.
  • Added support for hResumes.
  • Added an update URL to the extension, so the next release will be updatable via Firefox’s extension update mechanism.
  • A few bug fixes that would be too boring to describe detail.

In addition to these changes, I’ve put the source code on Google Code, under the MIT License.

So what’s next for Tails? Here’s what I have left on my list:

  • Make the overlay box resizeable.
  • Display the relationship between parent/child microformats. Right now, I’m displaying all objects found on the page, even if the object is really a child of another (the hCard author of an hEntry blog post, for example). While this is good in some ways, I would like an intuitive way to display these relationships. I’m still trying to figure out what this is.
  • Pull avatars from external sources, like from Gravatar and Who-R-You.
  • I would also like to figure out a way to pull external data to complement the data in the microformats. The one method I have came up with so far is to use claimID to pull all the links associated with that user, and display the data from the services that the user has links to. So for example, if the user has a link to his Flickr account, I could display that user’s most recent images. However, since claimID isn’t that widely used just yet, I would like to figure out another solution that would give me the most bang for my buck.

Anyway, enjoy. And send me your feedback.

Update: You can get the extension here.