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Tails Scripts

Instead of incorporating all possible actions you can perform on microformats into one monolithic extension, Tails allows users to customize the functionality of the extension using Tails Scripts. A Tails Scripts is a piece of JavaScript that allows you to perform certain actions on the microformats found on a web page.

To install a Tails Script, you can right click on a link with the .tails.js extension and select Install Tails Script…, or by clicking on the .tails.js link and then clicking the Install button on the information bar.

If you’re interested in developing your own Tails Script, here’s a quick write up to get you started.

Tails Script Description
delicious.tails.js Add URLs to Supported Formats: Bookmarks, Blog Entries
digg.tails.js Submit links to Digg. Supported Formats: Bookmarks, Blog Entries
email.tails.js Send an email to the contact. Supported Format: Contacts
eventful.tails.js See other events occuring that day and place on Eventful. Supported Format: Calendars
gcal.tails.js Add the event to Google Calendar. Supported Format: Calendars
googlemap.tails.js Map a location on Google Maps. Supported Formats: Contacts, Calendars, Reviews, Map Coordinates
socialmeter.tails.js See a link’s popularity using Socialmeter. Supported Formats: Contacts, Blog Entries, Bookmarks
technorati.tails.js Search inbounds links to a blog post from Technorati. Supported Formats: Blog Entries
vcard.tails.js Export contact information to vCard (supported by most address book clients). Supported Format: Contacts
yahoomap.tails.js Map a location on Yahoo! Maps. Supported Formats: Contacts, Calendars, Reviews

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