Don't Forget to Plant It!

Tails Pre-0.3

(This page points to an old version of Tails. I’ve created a new page for the latest version of Tails, which is here.)

While there are quite a few Firefox extension/user scripts which handles microformats available out there, most of them just support exporting to their native formats and not adequately display just what microformats a site currently contains.

Tails microformats on a webpage. Currently, this plugin has limited support for the following microformats:

  • hCard
  • hCalendar
  • hReview
  • xFolk

Unlike Smartzilla, my plugin doesn’t support exporting to their native formats - right now I’m more interested in seeing who is using microformats.

You can install Tails (v0.1.3) here (for Firefox 1.5+).

Flock Users: A Flock version of Tails is now available.

Update: Robert de Bruin has extended Tails and added some additional export functionality. You can get it here.

How It Works

An icon shows when microformats are available on the current page:

You can double-click on the icon to show the available microformats on the sidebar: