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Tails Add-on

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  2. Tails Script
  3. Writing Your Own Tails Scripts


The Tails Firefox Extension allows you to view microformats embedded on a web page, and perform customizable actions on the microformats via Tails Scripts.

Latest Release: Tails Firefox Extension 0.3.8 (8/5/2007) (Firefox 1.4+, Flock 1.0+). This release just updates the plugin to be installable in Flock 1.0. You can read about the 0.3.7 release here.

If you’re interested in the older versions of Tails, you can read about it here. You can also read about the obsolete Flocktails extension here.

The Tails extension is an open source project, you can get the source and view current Tails issues here.

Supported Microformats

  • Contact Information (hCard)
  • Calendar Information (hCalendar)
  • Reviews (hReviews)
  • Bookmarks (xFolk)
  • Blog Entries (hAtom)
  • Resumes (hResume)
  • Map Coordinates (geo)