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Leaving WordPress for Jekyll

Taking inspiration from Paul, I’ve switched my blog from a self-hosted WordPress one to a static HTML site using Jekyll. I didn’t initially look at Jekyll because it seemed like the migration process was going to take a lot of work, but eventually settled on it because:

  1. I couldn’t easily migrate my blog data to Tumblr, and
  2. Although I was able to migrate to Posterous, the customization options was limited and buggy at times. Also, some of the HTML it generated (i.e. comments) looked pretty gnarly to style.

So I gave Jekyll a shot, and came out quite happy with the results. The migration script to convert my WP data worked as well as expected, and since the results were plain text it was easy to make the necessary tweaks to complete the migration.

In the switch over, I elected not to migrate all the sidebar widgets, instead putting the focus primarily on the articles. At the end of the day, that’s really want I want people to get out of this site.

Apologies to my RSS subscribers (all 70 of you) who will likely see all my posts as new posts.